• Welcome to Project MediciNet II
    Welcome to Project MediciNet II

    Promoting health on successful grounds: Enhancing hospitals' cooperation on emergencies

Project Partners
Two hospitals, General Hospital of Komotini, Greece and MPHAT "Dr At. Dafovski" AD, Bulgaria continue their partnership, based on the successful cooperation during the MediciNet I project.
The total budget of the MediciNet II project is 1.336.408€. The project is co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and national funds of Greece and Bulgaria.
Health Actions
Over 25 health action are planned to take place during the execution of the project, such as supply of medical equipment, training activities for doctors and citizens and development of a medical web app.
The total duration of the project is 24 months. The project started on 1st September 2017 and is expected to finish on 31st August 2019.
The territorial responsibility of both hospitals covers a total population of 264.847 people, being the principal health institutions in the districts of Rhodopi, Greece and Kardzhali, Bulgaria.
Participating Countries
The project is being implemented in the frameworks of the European Territorial Cooperation Programme “Greece-Bulgaria 2014-2020”.

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MediciNet II - Info Days in Remote Areas
Info-Day events titled "How to save a life" in remote areas2019-03-21 00:06:46

More than 150 residents of remote areas learned "How to save a life" by...

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MediciNet II - Third Technical Meeting
Inauguration of the renovated operating theatres of General Hospital of Komotini2019-02-14 00:06:46

On 13th February 2019, the grand opening of the renovated operating...

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MediciNet II - Third Technical Meeting
Third Partners' Technical Meeting2018-11-05 00:06:46

On 5th of November 2018, project MediciNet II 's third partners'...

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MediciNet II - Toll Station Activity
Distribution of Promotional Material in Toll Stations2018-09-21 00:06:46

MediciNet II: An important promotional activity for the project...

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The Cooperation Programme INTERREG V-A "Greece-Bulgaria 2014-2020" is co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and national funds of the countries participating in it.

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